About Kathryn

Kathryn Green graduated in 2007, with a First Class Honours degree in Fashion and Textiles. Since then she has been working as a freelance textile designer and lecturer in Further Education. Her life and work experiences are diverse, each one contributing to her development and personal understanding, which she draws on for her textiles, as she states, “I am my experiences.”

My life is one full of contrasts and contradictions. I carve my own path in the present day but I am drawn to touching the past through old objects and well-trodden landscapes, following in the footsteps of others who have passed by before. I enjoy the vibrancy of city life, with its tall buildings, busy streets and ceaseless buzz, but I yearn for the quiet tranquillity and simpler life of the countryside.

The lure of foreign shores has taken me around the globe and I have a restlessness to seek out new places, yet I am happy with the security and comfort of home. Although I may at times feel fearful, I have had adventures that many would not contemplate – from travelling on tall ships to living in Chile; I am often apprehensive of new situations but have great strength to meet life’s challenges. I am sociable and enjoy the company of others, yet need to have my own space and my own time that will allow me to consider the world around me.


You will see these contradictions reflected in my work – splashes of colour against a monochrome background, circles alongside squares, minute detail in an immense space. The variations found in the natural world have a deep influence on my designs – the quiet creeks hidden along the rough shores of Cornwall, the lonely flowers in the vast pampas of Patagonia, the delicate textures carved into a craggy rock face.

We all have our own contradictions, hidden weaknesses and hidden strengths: none of us is what we may seem to other people – scratch beneath the veneer and you will find a different perspective, a different person.  My work is a journey through these layers of life, a look beyond the surface.

My scarves are pieces to be worn as visual statements, but each design tells a deeper story based on my life of paradoxes. I am my experiences, but I leave it to the wearer to tell the tale: to weave their own narrative into the yarn.