Meet Kathryn

Kathryn Green is a freelance textile designer and lecturer. Her life and work experiences are diverse; each one contributing to her development and personal understanding, which she draws on for her textiles.

Kathryn is currently exploring the traditional Japanese process of Shibori, which is a technique that uses methods of resistance within the dyeing process.


“A memory is what was once a whole moment of oneself, embedded in the soul and now remains in the traces of recollection, indistinct but deeply felt”

Kathryn Green’s creations are predominately made using the traditional Japanese method of Shibori, a tangible expression of memory that exists within the fibres of the cloth. The traces, artefacts and marks that are imprinted on cloth become the memories of what has gone before. It is the interaction between human intervention and the organic nature of cloth meeting dye.

The process itself has the excitement of experimentation, the discipline of procedure, the ritualistic unwrapping of cloth and ultimately a lack of control over the final piece. All these elements contribute to Kathryn’s attraction and passionate interest in the tradition. The results can be serendipitous, unpredictable and exciting. They animate the cloth and are accidents of nature as much as controlled, process driven techniques. They evoke an emotional response with both the creator and the viewer.

Shibori offers connections to what is past and to the continuity of cultural traditions. It is a vehicle for artistic expression through carefully structured designs that are the result of meticulous planning. The initial stages are rigorous and technical, involving careful methodology and scientific knowledge of the dyeing process.

However, the unpredictability of the interaction of dye, artefacts and cloth allows ideas to develop organically through experimentation and exploration, which are both intuitive and deeply felt. As the process continues, the rhythmic and repetitive nature of the movements that create Shibori cloth become meditative; a connection to people, places, experiences, small details of everyday life and momentous events that change our view of the world. All this is reflected in a piece of Shibori cloth.